Getting Dental Implants in Columbia TN: What is Involved?

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Dental Services

Dental implants in Columbia TN are tooth root replacements. Through a process that has little to no discomfort, your dentist installs a stable foundation for your fixed or removable replacement teeth in your mouth. Every care is taken to ensure that your new teeth set look as close to your natural teeth as possible (including color). Described below is the process of installing dental implants in your mouth.

Step 1: A Treatment Plan

Your dentist will often begin by creating an individualized treatment plan. The plan is intended to address your peculiar dental requirements and is created by restorative dentistry and oral surgery professionals. The main purpose of the program is to offer a well-coordinated dental care approach that serves to provide with an implant option that resolves your dental issues.

Step 2: Tooth Root Implant

A small titanium tooth root implant post will be placed in your bone socket where your teeth or tooth are/is missing. During the healing process, your jawbone grows around the metal post and in the process anchoring it tightly to the jaw. Healing takes about 12 weeks.

Step 3: Attachment of an Abutment

Once your jawbone is healed, the abutment -; a small connector post -; is firmly attached. The abutment is then used for holding your new teeth securely. Before the new teeth or tooth is attached, the dentist will make impressions of your real teeth and create a bite model. Your new synthetic teeth or tooth will be based upon this model. The crown -; replacement tooth -; is attached to the installed abutment.

Special Considerations

In cases where one or several individual crowns are required, patients have the option of having attachments placed on the implant that retains and supports removable dentures. After the dental implant procedures, the orthodontist may prescribe over the counter pain medications that will help to deal with mild soreness experienced.

After the installation of new dental implants in Columbia TN, you should offer them the same care that you would provide real teeth; this includes daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups. For more information on family dentistry, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dentures and dental implants, click here:

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