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Ensure You Have a Winning Smile With Teeth Whitening in Oaklyn

When your income depends on making a great impression, then the dentist may be one of the most important services you will ever require. These services could be as simple as an annual cleaning or the result of an accident that requires a visit to an Emergency Dentist. For instance, a chipped or damaged tooth could lead to further complications and is something that should be repaired very quickly. The repair is usually handled with a bonding resin which fills the gap and a little shaping to contour the tooth. Surprisingly, the most common reasons for visiting the dentist aren’t emergency related. Now that quality dental care has become fairly common, people are becoming more concerned with how their teeth look. For most patients, this includes cosmetic services such as Teeth Whitening in Oaklyn.

Teeth whitening is a cleaning process designed to remove deep set stains that are trapped under the enamel. This happens because the enamel gets brittle as it ages and it begins to develop tiny hairline fractures. These little cracks trap food particles and dark liquids. Regular brushing doesn’t remove the stains because the enamel blocks the brush’s bristles. The process of Teeth Whitening in Oaklyn makes use of a mild cleaning agent known as carbamide peroxide.

In this professional grade product the peroxide solution is about fifteen percent. This is much stronger than any product you would buy over the counter which is why it must be administered by a trained technician or dentist. Once the carbamide is placed over the teeth, the dentist will add a little water to activate the solution. The water causes the carbamide to change into hydrogen peroxide and this chemical reaction forces the hydrogen peroxide into the tiny fissures in the tooth enamel.

Keeping your smile beautiful is a full time job. Most of that time is taken up with brushing, flossing and rinsing. You can gain a little of that time back by having a professional Teeth Whitening in Oaklyn procedure done once or twice a year. This is much easier than trying to brush those stains away every time you clean your teeth. The final result will be much more pleasing and a lot easier to acquire. Visit Deptford Family Dental for more information.

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