Benefit From the Latest Technology with General Dentistry in Bowie, MD

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Dental Services

When you choose the right dentist, you can relax knowing that you’ve made a very important decision related to your health. Of course, you’d like to be able to get this quality service without the stress and worry that sometimes goes with keeping an appointment with the dentist.

Newest Technology

Let experienced professionals provide your general dentistry using the most up-to-date dental technology. With the DentalVibe™ you won’t feel the pain you normally associate with an injection because the equipment sends a gentle vibration to the injection area. That sensation is picked up by the nerve endings before the needle. You receive a pain-free injection that you’ll agree is quite comfortable.

As you look for a provider of general dentistry in Bowie, MD, you may also want to learn more about the STA System™ used for immediate pain-free dental anesthesia. With this latest technology, the dentist can numb one tooth in a minute or two. Really. Professionals use this method to eliminate the pain, anxiety, and stress that patients associate with dental work.

There’s So Much More

As you look for the right specialist in Bowie general dentistry, consider the range of services available, including OraVerse™ to do away with those hours of feeling numb and “fat” after a procedure. This exciting technology can return your face and lip to normal in as short a time as 15 minutes. If you feel the need for sedation during your visit, leading professionals in this field can also use nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

X-rays are always made using the digital method so they’re available immediately and can be magnified for more accurate viewing. The process uses no chemicals and takes very little time. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the reduction of radiation, 75% less. If you’re searching for the finest general dentistry, you’re on the right path.

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