Your Questions Answered About Dental Implants In Kalamazoo MI

Dental implants are a great option for replacing one tooth or all of your teeth if necessary. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants, but you have questions about the procedure, read the information below. Before having this procedure done, a Dental Implants Kalamazoo MI area dentist can answer any additional questions you may have.

Q.) How does a dentist perform a dental implant procedure?

A.) The entire dental implant procedure can take up to six months, depending on how fast you heal. The dentist will cut open the top of your gum and drill an opening into your jawbone. Next, a titanium rod is placed down into the opening. Over the next several months, your jawbone will grow around the implant rod. When the implant is fully secured into the bone, the dentist will place a post in the top of the rod. A crown is then attached to the top of the post to complete the implant.

Q.) Will there be any pain during and after the implant surgery?

A.) You won’t feel any pain during the implant surgery because your dentist will give you an anesthesia. After the surgery, you’ll feel some pain and soreness where the dentist cut open your gums. Your dentist may give you a prescription medication for pain that you’ll need to take for a few days. Placing an ice pack on your jaw will help with the soreness and swelling. Click here for complete details.

Q.) Are there any restrictions following dental implant surgery?

A.) Since your gums will be tender, you’ll have to eat soft foods for several days following the surgery. Keep your mouth clean by gently rinsing with a solution made of warm water and salt. Brush your teeth as normal, but do not brush over the top of your wound. After a Dental Implants Kalamazoo MI area dentist performs the procedure, you’ll be given a specific list of care instructions.

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