You Can Solve the Problem of Missing Teeth At St. Petersburg Dentures

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Dentist

When a person is missing teeth, they may experience a variety of problems not the least of which is low self-esteem. The person may not want to smile, and they may have difficulty eating certain foods and speaking. Dentures are the solution. These are teeth custom made to replace a person’s missing teeth. Another benefit is the restoration of the facial appearance and other oral functions that were lost like eating corn on the cob and certain nuts.

St. Petersburg Dentures can be either a partial denture or a full denture. A full denture is made when all of the person’s teeth are missing. A partial denture is made when only some of the teeth are missing. If just a few teeth are left, it is a good idea to extract these and make a full denture.

Complete dentures use a plastic base that is colored in order to give the appearance of gum tissue and this base supports a complete set of plastic or porcelain teeth. The dentures can be held in place by attaching them to dental implants into the bone of the jaw by a surgical process. This method is much more expensive than the traditional set of dentures which forms a seal with the gums.
Partial dentures are what people referred to as bridges at one time. They are now made of a special material which is durable and set in a wire base with the wire ends made tow wrap around the teeth near where the partial will go. This is a good plan while waiting to see if another plan will be available.

The All-On-Four denture procedure is designed by St. Petersburg Dentures to permanently replace all of your teeth using eight posts in total for creating the upper and lower arch. These are not ordinary dentures. You don’t need to remove  them every night for cleaning because they are hygienically constructed to enable you to clean underneath the dentures. However, you will have to return to us twice a year to have the denture unscrewed and cleaned by a professional hygienist. There is less pain and less chance of food getting caught under your dentures. For more details Visit today!



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