Do Wisdom Teeth Have To Be Extracted?

Wisdom teeth are molars that most people get as they exit their teen years. Often your dentist will tell you that you must have these teeth extracted. Although in many cases there is no obvious discomfort, it has become a standard practice to have wisdom teeth extraction in West Loop.

Preventative practice:

Even though you may not be aware of a problem and you are not in pain that does not mean that there is a looming problem, there is the potential that these teeth are impacted meaning they cannot break through the gum as expected. There are numerous reasons for this; in many cases the mouth is too small to accept additional teeth or they may be at an angle.

If you delay the extraction of wisdom teeth you can experience problems such as excessive bleeding, broken teeth that have to be surgically removed or at worse, a loss of jaw movement.

When do wisdom teeth have to be extracted?

Your dentist will know that there is a problem after taking a series of X-Rays, there are numerous reasons why this may be so:

   * Damage other teeth: A third set of molars can easily push other teeth out of position; this can result in bite problems and unnecessary pain.

   * Inflamed gums: The tissues surrounding the area of the wisdom teeth can become inflamed which in turn makes it difficult to perform routine oral hygiene.

   * Alignment: When impacted wisdom teeth force themselves into your mouth they can easily crowd out other teeth which can result in the need for orthodontics to correct the problem after the wisdom teeth have been removed.

When your dentist suggests wisdom tooth extraction in West Loop he or she is doing so because of the shape of your mouth and the position of the teeth in the jaw; it is not only that, age is also a factor that is taken into account.

If you need to undergo wisdom tooth extraction in West Loop you are invited to make an appointment with Washington Dental Care.

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