Why Braces In Lombard Could Be Important For Your Teeth And Health

Most people think of braces in Lombard as the necessary evil to gain the reward of straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile. While it is true that they can straighten your teeth and make you look aesthetically pleasing, they can do so much more for your smile and general health. By straightening the teeth, you align the jaws properly, which can take stress of the jaw joint, gums and your teeth.

There are different malocclusion types with differing benefits from various treatments. Even though your teeth are crooked, your jaw can still be in the right place. However, your teeth could be crooked, and the jaw could be misaligned, which can cause trouble speaking and chewing. However, there are still many benefits to consider orthodontics.

Improved Oral Health

Your teeth are supposed to go with you through life, but most people end up needing to have their natural teeth removed and dentures to replace them. Overcrowded mouths can allow bacteria to get into the corners and crevices, which can breed to cause many problems. You may notice that your teeth decay faster or more frequently or that you now have periodontal disease. Removing the extra teeth or moving them around to the right place will allow you to clean your teeth better, which will remove that bacteria and reduce the number of problems.

Fight Plaque

Plaque buildup is common on everyone’s teeth, especially if they haven’t been to the dentist for a while. However, even a small amount of buildup can lead to periodontal disease, which can then lead to diabetes or pancreatic cancer, among others. Plaque can build up easier if your teeth aren’t aligned properly.

Easier Speaking/Chewing

Most people don’t notice their speech impediments unless they’re severe, but others around you may notice the problem. You may also notice pain when chewing. In many cases, these problems are caused because the jaw is working against you every time you open your mouth. Braces in Lombard can move the teeth, take pressure off the jaw and make it easier to talk and eat. It can also help you stop biting your tongue and cheeks.

Properly Aligned Jaws

Your jaw joint must be aligned correctly because otherwise, you could have discomfort, pain or a TMJ disorder. Orthodontic treatment can realign your lower jaw to reduce jaw problems.

Braces in Lombard do more than give you a lovely smile. They can improve your health and make it easier to talk. Visit Oakbrook Orthodontics today to learn more or to schedule an appointment. Follow us on

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