Which Services In Cosmetic Dentistry In DC Are Right For You?

Restoration services are available to dental patients with severe conditions that have affected the appearance of their teeth. These services range from veneers to implants. These services can present patients with the opportunity to increase their self esteem and achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. If you wish to learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry in DC today, Get additional info here to schedule a consultation.

Are Veneers Beneficial for You?

Veneers fit over the front side of your teeth and are secured with a bonded agent. The dentist can use these devices to correct misshapen teeth and eliminate discoloration. For patients with a slight overlap of their two front teeth, this service could prove highly advantageous. The dentist can install one or more veneers in one visit as they do not require a lengthy process.

Acquiring Crowns Today

Crowns are used for severely damaged teeth which a filling will not correct. The dentist will reshape the tooth to allow the crown to fit over the teeth properly. Typically, this is a cone shape. The crown is constructed from a mold acquired at an earlier visit. The crown is secured with a professional-grade adhesive. In most cases, the dentist will perform this process for all front teeth if the affected tooth is situated in the front of the mouth. This prevents them from looking unnatural.

Do You Need Implants?

After extractions, a dental patient could acquire a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. These devices are installed in up to three steps. Each step is initiated based on the healing time needed. First, the titanium root is installed, if the jaw is strong enough to secure it. If necessary, the dentist performs a bone graph to build up the jaw line and provide a more viable surface for the implant. The implant tooth is connected to the root in the final stage of the procedure.

Patients who wish to acquire restorative services discuss these options with their dental professional. In some cases, they can acquire coverage for cosmetic services that their dentist identifies as restorative as well. This could reduce the cost of the procedure and make it more affordable for the patient. If you wish to acquire services used in Cosmetic Dentistry in DC today, contact your preferred dental professional.



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