What To Know Before Getting Invisalign In Lincoln Park

Invisalign is a wonderful option for those looking to straighten their smile but are put off by the thought of wearing traditional metal braces. Braces require a lot of specialized care, food restrictions, and are not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Invisalign are clear, easy to take out and replace, and are much more effective at straightening teeth within a shorter period of time than metal braces. Despite the many benefits, they work best when the person wearing them is fully informed about the process, and is able to adhere to the requirements. Here’s a brief guide about what to know before getting Invisalign in Lincoln Park.

Your Teeth Need To Be In Good Shape

Before you opt for the alignment system, you should have otherwise healthy teeth. This means no cavities or signs of gingivitis prior to getting Invisalign. Those with loose teeth or chronic jaw pain may want to visit their dentist and invest in whatever corrective dental work is required before getting Invisalign. This will help ensure that the straightening is more effective, and that there isn’t any risk to the health of your teeth.

You Can’t Eat Or Drink While Wearing Invisalign

Invisalign must be removed before eating and drinking, without exception. The trays stain easily, meaning that just about everything you ingest, except for water, can leave color or residue behind. In addition, you need to brush and floss after each and every meal or snack before putting the Invisalign back in in order to prevent any discoloration. Once the trays become discolored it’s only a matter of time before your teeth will as well.

You Have To Commit

Invisalign must be work for twenty to twenty-two hours per day, or the system won’t work. You also have to be sure that you wear them every day for as long as your dentist recommends in order to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from Invisalign.

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