What Does Family Dentistry in Newport News Offer?

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Dentist

Seeking proper dental care is an important way to maintain the health and appearance of a person’s teeth. Problems with teeth can lead to difficult eating or speaking, and may impact a person’s self-esteem. Teeth must be properly cleaned and maintained to prevent decay or damage, and visiting a dentist is the best way to make sure teeth are taken care of correctly. Children also require specialized dental care, as their needs are different than those of adults. Family dentistry in Newport News providers offer quality dental care to your entire family. Family dentists are experienced in treating all ages of patients and can handle all your family’s needs in one office.

Proper cleaning and routine maintenance are the best ways to ensure teeth are healthy. It is a good idea to regularly visit a dentist to receive routine cleanings. A dentist is able to clean teeth far better than people can do at home. They are also able to use tools to examine teeth from all angles, inspecting for signs of decay or disease. If a dentist does find a cavity, they can remove the decay and easily place a filling in the tooth. They are also able to repair any small chips or damage to teeth. Children require different care, so dentist may suggest treating kid’s teeth with fluoride or sealants. These will protect baby teeth until children get their permanent ones.

If teeth are crooked or unattractive, family dentistry in Newport News clinics may have a solution. Dentists use braces to straighten and realign uneven teeth. Metal brackets and wires are used to gradually pull teeth into a better position. If a tooth has become chipped, dental bonding may be used to replace the missing area with a small piece of composite material or porcelain. If teeth are simply yellowed or stained, a dentist can offer whitening treatments. Professional whitening is far quicker and more effective than at-home whitening kits.

It is important to care for teeth at all ages of life. Family dentists at Taylor Dental Care will care for patients at any age, and are trained to deal with any type of dental issue. They will help teach children the right way to protect their teeth. Whether it is just for routine dental care or because of an injury, family dentists offer the correct treatment.

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