Treatment Options From a Cosmetic Dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Dentist

Would you like to have a whiter, brighter, more glamorous smile? If so, then all you have to do is find a cosmetic dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078 region. When you visit a dental practice, a qualified, experienced cosmetic dentist will first check your overall dental health. Your dentist will also ask you what you hope to achieve through your cosmetic treatments. Rest assured that whether you want a straighter smile, a smile without spaces, a whiter smile, or anything in between, your dentist can help you to achieve just that. There are a lot of different options at your disposal, and your dentist can let you know which ones are suitable for your needs and goals.

One of the most simple and least invasive options is to simply undergo teeth whitening. This is a great choice if you simply want your smile to be a little brighter or if you need to remove surface stains. Your dentist may choose to give you one in-office treatment or several treatments, depending on the overall condition of your teeth and the level of whiteness you are hoping to achieve. In fact, your cosmetic dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078 may even be able to give you at-home whitening options to make achieving your dream smile easier than ever.

Another procedure for which you may be eligible is a cosmetic filling. Cosmetic fillings are different from the traditional silver fillings of the past. Now, you can cover up cavities seamlessly by using a strong, white-colored filling material. Your dentist might even be able to replace those old-fashioned, unsightly fillings with white material, making your fillings virtually unnoticeable, and giving you that extra boost of confidence.

For more serious dental health problems, such as missing teeth, you can determine if you’re eligible for full or partial dentures. Dentures are a wonderful, budget-friendly option, but an even better choice is dental implants. Dental implants are actually placed inside your gumline and are the only way to replace missing teeth while still allowing you to have feeling and sensation in the teeth. This procedure is not suitable for all patients, however, so you’ll have to talk with your dentist about what will work for you specifically.

These are just a few of your many options. Visit a dentist today, such as the ones at Glamorous Smile Dental Spa, to learn how to improve your smile for life.

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