Toothbrush Tips from the Best Dentist in Trumbull CT

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Dentist

While brushing your teeth may seem easy and straightforward, there are a number of toothbrushes that offer better results than others. Additionally, there are right and wrong ways to brush your teeth. Use the information here, from the Best Dentist In Trumbull CT, to ensure you select the right toothbrush and use it properly.

Selecting a Toothbrush

While there are a number of ancient civilizations who used a frayed twig to brush their teeth, modern options are a bit more effective. The first step in great oral health is finding the right toothbrush. Some tips to help you do this include:

* Select a brush that has the ADA seal on it.

* Ensure the bristles are not too hard.

* Be sure it fits in your hand and mouth comfortably.

Once you have located the ideal brush for your needs, you will need to use it properly in order to ensure great oral health and to keep periodontal disease from developing.

Tips to Effectively Brush Your Teeth

Once you have found the ideal toothbrush for your needs, you have to use the proper technique to ensure your teeth are clean. Tips to help you do that include:

* Brush a minimum of twice daily.

* Take at least three minutes to brush and floss teeth.

* When brushing the gumline, angle the brush toward your gums slightly.

* Do not be too rough when brushing.

* Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

* Be sure to clean all surfaces of your teeth.

* Don’t forget to brush your tongue.

* Rinse the brush well after each use.

If you still need more assistance figuring out how to properly brush your teeth, it is a good idea to ask the Best Dentist In Trumbull CT for help. They will be able to show you what to do to help and keep your mouth is proper health.

When you have the right toothbrush and use the right technique for brushing your teeth, you can feel confident that you will also have great oral health. If you have more questions, contact Larry I Gottlieb DDS Stratford CT. The friendly staff will help to ensure your oral health at all stages of life.

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