Tips On Choosing A Family Dentist In Locust Valley NY

Choosing a family dentist is not a decision that can be made by just looking through the yellow pages or doing an internet search. It requires some time and research, but is worth the effort. The right dentist will become familiar with each member of the family and their unique issues, allowing better and more focused treatment.

Consider the following when choosing your Family Dentist in Locust Valley NY.

1. All dental practices are not alike. Some do not offer emergency service or do not customarily deal with small children. Think about the needs of your family and make a list.

2. Is anyone in the family especially fearful of going to the dentist? Many people have had a previous bad experience and require more than a simple numbing shot to be comfortable. Choose a dentist familiar with this problem.

3. Does the dentist focus on preventive care and the patient’s overall health and happiness? Dental health has a direct impact on many other serious health conditions.

4. Does the dentist use the latest technology? Dental drills cause heat and pain, necessitating the numbing injections. Drills can also be responsible for tiny cracks in surrounding teeth, leading to future dental problems.

5. Lasers operate painlessly during many procedures, requiring no anesthetics. Lasers are very precise and do not damage surrounding teeth, resulting in faster healing. Not only that, lasers are safe even for babies. Pregnant women or the elderly also benefit when no medications are required for treatment.

6. Ask for recommendations from family, friends and business associates. These recommendations are especially valuable.

7. Take a look at the office and meet the staff. Is it a comfortable, friendly environment? If you have children, how child-friendly is the office?

8. Is the location convenient to work or home? Are the hours convenient?

9. Schedule a consultation with those dentists that seem like a good fit for your family. The right dentist will be a pleasure to visit and is someone to be depended upon for the best care and recommendations.

Locust Valley Dental Group focuses on the overall health of each patient. This Family Dentist in Locust Valley NY emphasizes preventive dentistry and uses the latest procedures and technology. Dr. Kozlowski has been a practicing dentist on Long Island for almost 15 years. She founded Locust Valley Dental Group in 2011 as she lives in the area with her family. Visit the website for more information on the services offered. Visit website for more information


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