These Interesting Procedures Can Be Performed by a Cosmetic Dentist in Franklin

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Dentist

Smiling has many benefits. Studies have shown that smiling can trigger an internal emotional and chemical response that can make you happy. Truly, a smile can be a cure for the emotional downs you might occasionally feel. Your smile can make others happy too. Have you ever caught yourself unwittingly mimicking the facial expressions of a friend or someone on TV? This happens subconsciously, which makes your smile a very powerful force.

Smiling is also viewed as being extremely attractive. Most people look much better with a wide smile than they do with a straight face or a frown. According to a recent study, ninety-six percent of American adults believe that a smile makes someone more attractive. Studies have also shown that most people feel that a person who is smiling is more trustworthy, likable, and confident than someone who is not smiling. A good smile can help you land a job, make new friends, and be approachable.

Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with their own smile. Whether it’s because of the color of their teeth, missing teeth, or misshapen teeth, these individuals are missing out on a crucial part of life. While every smile is beautiful, if you feel embarrassed about your own, there are a number of interesting procedures that a cosmetic dentist in Franklin can administer, some that are fairly novel, that can help you to feel a lot more comfortable. If you want to have a smile that’s truly worthy of Hollywood, you’ll be glad to learn about these different cosmetic procedures that a cosmetic dentist can use to help you to achieve a perfect smile.

Dental Contouring

A procedure that’s not widely known about by the general public is dental contouring. Sometimes referred to as tooth reshaping, this is a procedure that can improve the aesthetic look of your teeth. Even if your teeth are perfectly aligned in your mouth, you might not be happy with how they look.

Dental contouring is a procedure that can fix that. This is achieved by having a cosmetic dentist contour your teeth into more appealing shapes by removing tooth enamel using special dental instruments. This is a rather advanced procedure, generally involving X-Rays to help the practitioner understand the health of your teeth and how to shape them. Your teeth can then be smoothed and polished.

Silver or Gold Filling Removal

While metal fillings aren’t very common any longer, if you have this type of filling and you’re unhappy with how it makes your mouth look, you can have it corrected. The discolored fillings can actually be removed by a cosmetic dentist and then replaced with fillings that look natural. After this procedure, when you smile or laugh, nobody will be able to see your fillings at all. In time, you may even forget which teeth have fillings.

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