The Various Types Of Dentures In Naperville And Their Benefits

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Dentist

A denture is just a replacement for missing teeth that can be removed from the mouth for cleaning and sleeping. Primarily, there are only two types of dentures in Naperville, including partials and complete sets. A full set is used when all of your teeth are gone, while a partial set is used when you still have a few natural teeth and want to replace the missing ones.


With a full set, you can find immediate and conventional options. An immediate denture is pre-made and can be placed in the mouth immediately once the teeth are gone. Technology is now advanced enough to have these created to fit your mouth before you’ve removed all your teeth, but you can find pre-fabricated versions.

Conventional sets are those that are made after your teeth are removed, and you have to wait up to 12 weeks to get your denture.


Many times, adults will lose one or two teeth and want to replace them. While there are a variety of methods, partial dentures in Naperville are a cost-effective solution. They are made from plastic bases and porcelain teeth, as well as metal framework to hold it in place.


The primary advantage of a denture is to keep your facial muscles in place and can also help you look younger. Likewise, you won’t be embarrassed about your missing teeth and will be able to smile, laugh and do all the things you’re used to doing, without having to hide your mouth.

Many times, a denture is a less expensive option than implants and other alternatives, making it perfect for those on a fixed income and those without insurance.

Dentures in Naperville are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Visit the Center For Dentistry at to learn more. Follow us on twitter.

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