The different types of laser dental treatments

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Dentist

Dental technology has come a long way; it has advanced to the point where lasers are used for several different types of dental treatments. Laser dentistry in San Jose use a number of different types of lasers to treat these various conditions; they are now commonly used for cleaning, treatments for periodontal disease as well as for use on soft and hard tissue. Each type of laser has a specific purpose and function, but they all have common benefits. These benefits allow many patients to receive minimally invasive treatment with very few side effects such as swelling as there is less trauma on the teeth and gums.

Up until the advent of laser dentistry in San Jose, dentists used traditional tools such as picks and scrapers to clean the tartar that accumulates on the surface of teeth. For many patients this can prove to be quite painful, this is especially true if there is significant tartar buildup between the teeth and between the teeth and gums. In many cases the results of cleaning with these tools will result in bleeding and swollen gums. This trauma is eliminated with the use of a low-level laser; there is no swelling to speak of and minimal pain, if any. There are lasers that dentists can use which not only clean the teeth but whiten them as well.

Periodontal disease is something which is suffered by many people and there are many more who display the preliminary signs of it, signs such as gingivitis are common lead-ups to more severe gum disorders. People in this situation can now seek dental treatment where lasers can safely reverse this condition. In the past tooth scaling and periodontal treatments were carried out using sharp tools which were used to scale back the tooth roots to allow for a deep cleaning, there is invariably a great deal of bleeding and trauma associated with this treatment. Today, laser periodontal treatments cause minimal bleeding and discomfort and the recovery time is short when compared to the recovery time when traditional methods are used. Laser dentistry in San Jose when used for periodontal disease can precisely remove any infection.

Dental lasers are now commonly used to prepare a tooth that is decayed and requires filling. In the past drills and manual cleaning was the method used to prepare the area, today however, laser treatment is used, it is more effective than manual cleaning and much more precise as the laser is actually more advanced than the eye. The decay is eliminated, the treatment is gentler and the recovery time is fast.

Laser dentistry in San Jose is now being used for many dental procedures, the days of mechanical picks, scrapers and drills are numbered. If you wish to experience modern dentistry at its best you are invited to visit California Shine Dental.

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