Teeth Whitening from your Dentist is Safer than a Home Whitening Kit

by | May 10, 2016 | Dentist

Getting your teeth whitened at your Lakeview Dentist’s office could be a much safer option than a home whitening kit you pick up from a pharmacy. When considering using a home kit, you have to question both the safety of the product and how well it works.

Home Kit

– These kits usually have a very low percentage of the active ingredient that actually whitens your teeth, so it’s unlikely you will see a significant change in color
– By whitening your teeth yourself, you are forgoing a dental check-up, which would determine whether or not your teeth are healthy and strong enough to safely be whitened. Not everyone’s enamel structure is able to be whitened, and you risk the future health of your teeth should you go ahead without a dentist’s confirmation
– Home kits come with a general tray that is not specifically fitted to your teeth. This may result in an uneven coverage of product and in turn, results. It increases the risk of product escaping and damaging your gums
– These home kits are often harsh on your teeth, often wearing away the enamel as they remove staining. Over time, this could result in over-sensitive teeth and irreversible damage.

Dentist Prescribed Whitening

– Getting your teeth whitened at a dentist will ensure the safety of your teeth. Dentists will check that your teeth are both healthy and suitable to the whitening process.
– Dentists are able to use their experience and training to personally tailor your whitening package to suit your exact needs
– Getting your teeth whitened with a dentist present ensures that the procedure is carried out safely and if something were to go wrong a qualified practitioner is there to assist.
– You are able to purchase specifically tailored home-kits from your dentists. They will include custom fitted trays. This reduces the risk of damage to your gums and will ensure an even color change is observed. Visit Art of Modern Dentistry at www.artofmoderndentistry.com for more details.

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