Steps for Seeking out Emergency Dentistry in Ann Arbor, MI

When a person has a severe injury, he or she knows to head to the emergency room for medical attention. But what happens when a tooth is the source of the problem? What happens when an oral emergency takes place? There are several steps that a person can take to figure out if Emergency Dentistry in Ann Arbor MI is going to be required and what should be done in the meantime.

Assess the Situation

If an injury has resulted in a tooth coming out, emergency dentistry in Ann Arbor MI is a must. The tooth needs to be preserved with the goal being to save the tooth. While arrangements are being made, try to put the tooth back into the mouth where it came from. There could be a lot of bleeding coming from the socket so consider biting down on a wet tea bag to keep the tooth in place. If this is out of the question, keep the tooth in a container that has either the person’s saliva or milk inside to cover the tooth. This will keep it from drying out. From there, it’s time to head to an emergency dentist.

Some injuries aren’t as severe but may still require emergency dental care. Take the time to find out what is going on with the tooth. Is there a crack? Did a portion of the tooth come off? How much pain is associated with the situation? Try to get a clear picture of what happened and what shape the tooth is currently in.

Make the Call

It can be tough to tell if a problem with a tooth requires immediate attention, especially if it is still in the mouth and causing pain. The next step should be to call the dentist. While most don’t work all hours of the night, an answering service will help a patient get into contact with his or her dentist. Explain the situation, including the level of pain and describe the appearance of the tooth. This will help the dentist determine what should be done next.

If the situation isn’t severe, the professional can help a patient deal with the issue until the dentist’s regular office hours. On the other hand, the dentist may instruct a patient to seek out immediate assistance. if you are experiencing a dental emergency, Browse our website for more information.

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