Pros and Cons of Dental Crowns in Billings, MT

When you have a damaged tooth, there are a number of options available for dealing with it. Each option has its pros and cons. Understanding just what is involved will help you decide whether Dental Crowns in Billings MT are right for you.

Understanding the Alternatives

The main options for repairing damaged teeth include removing the tooth or getting a dental crown, a bridge, or dentures. Removing the tooth is often the least-expensive option, but the least-favorable alternative, because it leaves an empty space in the mouth that can interfere with eating, talking, and confidence, as well as potentially leading to damage to the bone. Both dentures and bridges involve removing healthy teeth, or parts of teeth, making them less preferable options as well.

Pros of Dental Crowns

One of the main benefits of Dental Crowns in Billings MT is that they don’t require any additional damage to healthy teeth. The damaged part of the tooth is removed and then the crown is molded to fit. With a bridge, the two teeth on either side need to be filed down so it will fit. The exact benefits of crowns will depend on which type of crown you opt for. Porcelain crowns can look very similar to the original tooth, and metal crowns are extremely durable.

Cons of Dental Crowns

Some types of dental crowns, especially porcelain crowns, can be very expensive, making them out of reach of some clients. These crowns can also be more fragile and be prone to chips and other damage, making it so they don’t last as long as metal crowns. However, metal crowns don’t have the same attractive appearance as the porcelain ones, making them more useful when teeth in the back of the mouth that aren’t very visible need to be repaired.

Combination Crowns

Another alternative is to get a crown that’s made of porcelain fused to a metal base. These tend to combine the best features of each of the other types of crowns, making them more suitable to use in all parts of the mouth. However, in some cases, the metal part of the crown may show at the bottom of the tooth.

Visit for more information on the options available. They can help you decide whether dental crowns are right for you.

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