Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist With Sedation Dentistry

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Dentist

Sedation dentistry, also commonly known as “sleep” dentistry uses medication which helps patients that are anxious of dental visits to relax during the procedure. When you have been subjected to minimal sedation you are awake and alert but you are very relaxed.

A sedation dentist in Chicago employs sedatives for those patients that are uncomfortable or anxious; the dentist can use it for everything, from simple cleanings to complex oral surgery such as performing a root canal. The level of sedation depends a great deal on how severe the patient’s anxiety is as well as the procedure about to be performed.

There are different levels of sedation:

* Minimal: The patient is fully awake but very relaxed
* Moderate: The patient will not be able to recall the procedure and may slur his or her speech
* Deep: The patient is brought right to the edge of consciousness but still can be easily aroused
* General anesthesia: The patient is rendered unconscious

Fear of a dentist:

Fear of a dentist is not uncommon; it is thought that up to three quarters of dental patients fear the dentist to one degree or another. Of those, perhaps ten percent are so fearful that they simply will not go to a dentist. Obviously, those that are so frightened that they don’t go are putting their oral health at risk.

How does sedation dentistry help?

A sedation dentist in Chicago is very aware of these statistics, the dentist is also aware of how sedation dentistry helps.

* Sedatives eliminate discomfort during a dental procedure
* Sedation helps to erase bad memories. By eliminating the memory of a dental visit it takes the dread out of future visits
* Sedation makes the dentists job a lot easier and the procedure can be completed in less time

Don’t let your fear of dentists stop you from practicing good oral health, a sedation dentist in Chicago can make you relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

A sedation dentist in Chicago can help you overcome your fear of having work done on your teeth. You are invited to make an appointment with Dr. Peter Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.

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