Why Does Oral Care Matter?

Many people feel that going to their dentist in Wrigleyville is really not that important, but there is steadily increasing evidence that points to your oral health having a direct impact on your general health as well. On top of making your gums and teeth healthy, there are other things that terrific dental hygiene help, as well. Read on below to find out the other reasons that oral health matters.

Healthy Gums, Healthier Heart

There are studies that have linked having inflammatory disease to a greater risk of heart disease. When your gums become inflamed from cavities or gum disease, this can have an impact on your heart with disastrous consequences. When you go to your dentist in Wrigleyville, they should ask you about your and your family’s history of heart disease and heart problems so that they can help keep you healthy by taking great care of your gums and teeth.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Pregnancy

It has been proven that regular checkups with your dentist become even more important once you find out that you are pregnant. Studies have shown that women with bad oral health are at greater risk of having premature babies and babies that have a low birth weight. It is worth it to go to your dentist on a regular basis while pregnant, just to ensure that you baby is fine when he or she is born. Wouldn’t you think?

These are just a couple of the reasons that oral care does matter. There are many more reasons, such as oral care being linked to diabetes and detecting oral cancer when it begins. For more information on oral health care and to find a dentist in Wrigleyville, contact the professionals at the Northalsted Dental Spa for help and answers to your questions. Follow us on twitter.

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