Myths and Truths About Flossing From the Dental Clinic in Kalamazoo, MI

Flossing could almost always be done more, and many Americans brush without consistently flossing. They may be concerned about some of the below myths (and truths) that involve the act of flossing and remaining hygienic.
Is it Better to Brush Before or After a Floss?

The country is split right down the middle on which they prefer. The Dental Clinic Kalamazoo MI, suggests not getting concerned about which one is more common (it is flossing after brushing by a small margin). Studies have shown that neither is better than the other. A much larger impact on dental hygiene is the quality of the brushing and the flossing, not the order.

How About Night or Morning?

Stephanie M Busch – Abbate DDS PLC may recommend flossing about once a day for most patients. Should it be done in the morning or at night? Some patients may even want to floss in the afternoon after a big lunch. There is no clear winner in this regard. The more important consideration is establishing a routine and sticking to it. Whichever one is preferred and is more convenient is the one to go with.

Should Children be Flossing?

Common cultural belief suggests that children are too young to be concerned about flossing. They have sensitive young teeth that are still being formed. That may be true, but it should have no effect on their flossing. Children should absolutely floss. The myth has, maybe, grown because it is difficult for children to floss on their own. Parents should be flossing for their children until they are about 10.

Is it Normal to Bleed During Flossing?

Yes, it is a normal occurrence. Most people who do not floss regularly will have to deal with some bleeding. A Dental Clinic in Kalamazoo MI, should be immediately contacted if the bleeding occurs for over a minute or two after flossing. They should also be contacted if bleeding continues after at least a whole two weeks of flossing daily.

Contact the local dental clinic for a cleaning and a proper dental hygiene review. Patients with any concerns related to flossing can schedule a quick discussion visit to the clinic to go over what they have been dealing with.

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