Make Sure Your Family’s Oral Health is Properly Handled With Crowns and Bridges in Daytona Beach FL

by | Sep 12, 2014 | Dentist

The health and strength of your teeth is crucial for proper eating and quality living. Unfortunately, once your teeth begin to decay it can take a lot of effort to keep them functional. The most common treatment for a damaged tooth is drilling and filling. However, this method of tooth repair can be hard on the undamaged portion of the tooth and it often requires that large portions of decent tooth material be ground away in order to get a stable filling. When this happens there is often little left of the tooth that is stable enough for biting and chewing. To ensure the repaired teeth will provide you with effective chewing surfaces the dentist will make use of Crowns and Bridges in Daytona Beach FL.


The crown is the top or upper area of the tooth while a dental crown is a cap that is bonded over the top of a properly prepared or shaped portion of a tooth. In fact, almost any tooth that has been drilled, filed or ground in order to eliminate decayed dentin or eroded enamel is a candidate for a dental crown. In most instances the dentist will perform a root canal to remove the underlying nerve. This is an important step because this nerve could cause a lot of unnecessary pain every time the tooth or filling is moved or when there are temperature changes that affect the tooth. After the nerve is removed the tooth is cleaned and shaped. Finally, a crown is developed that uniquely fits that tooth without interfering with any surrounding teeth. Visit website for more

The alternative to tooth repair and the use of crowns is bridges and dentures. A bridge is a small group of false teeth designed to fit into the space where the original teeth once were. These original teeth could have been lost due to tooth decay, accident or injury. In early bridge procedures the dentist would need to remove excessive portions of tooth material to create a perfect anchor for the bridge. Modern lightweight bridges don’t require such strong anchoring systems unless a lot of teeth are missing. In these cases the dentist may suggest the use of implanted anchors like those used for dental implants. If your family is in need of Crowns and Bridges in Daytona Beach FL then Beville Dental Care can provide the help you require.

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