How to Maintain Healthy Teeth and Avoid a Toothache, Get Help near Mount Prospect

Practicing dental hygiene consistently is the best way to avoid future dental problems, such as tooth decay, cavities, and various pains. While many dental complications occur naturally or accidentally, such as misshapen teeth and injury, there is much to be said about an individual’s responsibility to maintain healthy teeth. By being proactive about dental hygiene, you can avoid the dreaded toothache. Mount Prospect residents can receive support and treatment services to help.

Key Dental Hygiene Practices

The top dental practices for you and your family to implement are nothing new, but worth emphasizing all the same.

  • Regular brushing of teeth: It is advisable to do this once in the morning when you get up and again in the evening just before bed. Having a good toothbrush and thorough technique is essential.
  • Regular flossing: This practice helps reach food residues that a toothbrush may not.
  • Regular dental checkups: You may choose to go yearly or bi-annually, depending on what your dentist recommends.
  • Watching your diet: Excessive consumption of candy and sugary drinks must be avoided.

Visit Your Dentist As Soon As Possible

Depending on where and when you begin to experience intense dental discomfort, you may or may not be able to visit a dentist immediately. If you have to resort to at-home remedies, such as painkillers, you must know that these can only provide temporary alleviation for your pain. Be sure to visit your local dentist as soon as you can for a proper examination. They can determine the cause of the issue and recommend a more permanent solution.

When you are suffering from a toothache, you need the help of a professional, and you need it fast. Contact Dr. James Kakos DDS & Associates near Mount Prospect for all your dental needs. You can find them online at for more information. Follow us on google+.

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