Learn About Zoom Teeth Whitening in Meadows NY

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Dentist

Naturally, people want to look their best and the appearance of their smile is a big part of the way they are perceived by others. When a person is unable to feel confident in the way their teeth look, it is often because they have severe staining that is hiding the beauty of their smile. Thankfully, there is a treatment that can remove years of staining and restore the bright whiteness of a person’s teeth. With Zoom Teeth Whitening In Meadows NY, people can regain the beauty of their smile for increased confidence.

In years past, dental whitening treatments were not as effective as they are today. Often, people had to undergo multiple treatments to notice any progress and these treatments could often lead to undue tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Today, dental offices across the country now have a better dental whitening treatment to offer their patients. With Zoom Teeth Whitening in Meadows NY, patients can achieve a natural whitening result in one visit.

This treatment procedure begins with the dentist fully protecting the cheeks, gums and lips of the patient. Once these areas are shielded, the 25% hydrogen peroxide gel can be applied to the teeth. Each treatment will last for fifteen minutes and after each treatment, the old gel is removed and a new whitening gel is applied. After the three fifteen minute treatments, the person’s teeth will be restored to their natural color.

While it is impossible to tell the color results a person can achieve before they undergo Zoom Teeth Whitening in Meadows NY, most patients are able to achieve a result of going seven shades lighter. Some patients are able to go as much as fifteen shades lighter during a very small few many only notice a change of two to three shades lighter.

Northern Plaza Dental Care in Queens NY provides the superior whitening treatments patients want so they can finally be happy with their smile. Call the office today to get started on scheduling your consultation so you can have the beautifully white smile you long for.

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