Improve Your Smile with Dental Implants

An implant is a post made of titanium that is placed in your jaw to act as the root of the tooth.  Getting this done requires a surgical procedure to position the post or screw in your jawbone.  After that, your dentist Queens, NY can mount the replacement tooth or the bridge needed there. Unlike dentures, implants are firm and do not come loose.  In order to have these done, you need to have gums that are healthy and enough jawbone to offer support to the implant.  If the bone is too soft or too thin, then an implant will not be possible.  It may be necessary to first have a bone graft done.  Other issues that may impede implants include not having enough bone height when it comes to the upper jar or when the sinuses are very close to your jaw in which case you may need a sinus lift first.

One of the main benefits of implants is that they give your artificial teeth support since they are firmly fused into your jaw.  Bridges as well as dentures that are mounted onto your implants will not be able shift or slip around the mouth.  This makes speaking and eating much better for the patient.  Additionally, any crowns, bridges or implants that are placed over them will feel a lot more natural. Dazzling Smile Dental Group places these in individual who are not able to live with the other alternatives because of gagging, poor ridges or sore spots.  Unlike bridges, implants do not need to be supported by adjacent teeth in order to stay in place.

There are two main types of implants approved by The American Dental Association as follows:

  *     Endosteal Implants – At dentist Queens, NY, these are implanted into the jawbone directly. Time is then given to the gums around the implant to heal before another surgery is done to connect the post to the implant.  The final procedure includes attaching the tooth to the post, or if it is a group of teeth they are attached on a denture or bridge.

*     Subperiosteal Implants – These dental implants have a frame of metal that is then placed on the jawbone.  This is done right under the gum.  As the gums are healing, the frame fixes itself to the bone.  There are posts that come attached on to the frame which are left protruding through your gums.  The artificial teeth are mounted afterwards onto the said posts.

You will need to take good care of your implants once they are in.  Be sure to brush your teeth twice daily and floss before bed.  If you are a smoker it is time to quit since smoking weakens bone structure and can cause your implant to fail.  Avoid chewing on foods that are hard such as hard candy and ice. Finally, visit your family dentist on a regular basis.

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