Implants and Your Local Cosmetic Dentist in Arlington TX

Smiling is an important part of life just like crying. People who are missing teeth rarely smile because they feel aesthetically unappealing. Opting for a dental implant rather than conventional prostheses may cost more, but consider the expected benefits.

Eating what you want, when you want

Dentures, because they tend to move around, can be, in the long run, a nightmare. Dental implants work as if they were real teeth. People can, therefore, eat their favorite food without being afraid of experiencing pain or losing their prosthesis.

Regain some self-esteem

People can (finally) smile normally. Since implants are natural in appearance, and they are discreet, users can regain confidence in themselves and lead a normal life. In addition to all this, they are considered a permanent solution.

Dental implants look like real teeth. People do not notice they aren’t the person’s “original” teeth and they work in the same way as natural teeth do. The integrity, strength, and natural space of the teeth remain the same despite the implants.


Implants have been created to last. The base is made of titanium, and the artificial tooth is a mixture of porcelain and acrylic substances. Implants can last a lifetime, that is, if the user takes good care of them.

People with poorly fitting prostheses often mumble or have slurred speech because their dentures can slip. Implants allow folks to talk confidently without being afraid of “losing” their teeth. Removable prostheses sometimes cause inconveniences, because they can slip or fall at any time.

People will need more than adhesive to hold them in place. Dental implants are fixed permanently, which decreases the chances of embarrassing moments. It is best to speak with a Cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX before deciding on this option.

They are comfortable

The titanium base is placed directly into the jaw and, through a biological process called osseointegration, materials like titanium allow a strong bond with the bone. They become a part of the body and work like natural teeth without the disadvantages associated with removable dentures. This solution makes it possible to improve and maintain good oral health because the neighboring teeth remain intact.

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