How a Root Canal in Chicopee MA is Performed

Tooth decay is one of the commonest dental health complications. Normally, it is caused by a combination of poor eating habits and bad dental health practices. Decay starts with cavities that occur when the bacteria in the mouth acts on the deposited sugars and an acid is formed. This acid corrodes the enamel and the dentin. When this corrosion reaches the pulp cavity, the tissue in it is left exposed and bacteria cause infection. This results in toothache. The only solution at this stage of cavities is getting a Root Canal in Chicopee MA.

The procedure

The root canal procedure is performed under two circumstances.

  • When tooth decay has affected the pulp cavity but hasn’t spread to the root of the tooth
  • When a fracture has affected the tooth but hasn’t reached the root

This means that a dentist will do an oral examination and even take X-rays of your teeth before they arrange a Root Canal in Chicopee MA.

During the actual procedure, the dentist will administer a sedative if you have a fear of the dentist. They will also use local anesthesia to numb the pain around the tooth that is being treated. The dentist will then carve a hole from the top of the tooth extending into the pulp cavity. The infected tissue in the cavity will be removed.

The dentist will then sterilize the tooth to kill any bacteria that could still be present. After they have ascertained that all the infected tissue is removed and that the tooth has been sterilized, they will seal the tooth temporarily. After about a week, the dentist will call you in for the fitting of a crown. The crown will cover the top of the tooth and protect the tooth from getting infected in the future.

That is what happens when a dentist is performing a Root Canal in Chicopee MA. Note that a root canal is a very sensitive procedure and that it should only be handled by an expert. If the procedure isn’t handled right, very serious complications could result leading to complete tooth loss.

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