Four Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge in Indianapolis

There are many reasons why teeth start to decay or discolor over time. These include health issues, lack of maintenance, eating certain foods, and more. When teeth need a root canal or extraction, it can leave gaps in a person’s smile. Discover four reasons to get a Dental Bridge Indianapolis.

Replace Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is a set of teeth that fills in the gaps where a person has missed, broken or decayed teeth. Often, is it used where multiple teeth are compromised, but it may also be recommended to replace a tooth that might not be stable enough for a dental crown. The bridge is secured to adjacent teeth or an adjacent tooth to fill in places where teeth are missing. A dental bridge can also help prevent other teeth from shifting.

Eat with Confidence

When someone has missing, broken, or painful teeth, it can be difficult or impossible to eat certain foods. As a result, people might wind up choosing soft foods for an extended period of time. After months of eating soups and pudding, it feels good to be able to choose anything on the menu, including a steak or raw vegetables. From holidays to dining out, people have an array of options when they replace missing teeth with a Dental Bridge in Laurel MD.

Speak Properly

It can be a challenge to enunciate when people have missing teeth. It may cause them to speak in an unclear way that is difficult to understand. This is a problem for anyone who works in business, especially fields related to sales and customer service. A bridge can help people to speak clearly again rather than having to repeat what they say so others can understand them.

Smile Proudly

Often people with missing teeth smile with their mouths closed. They feel self-conscious about laughing, smiling, and speaking. A dental bridge makes people feel proud to smile and open their mouths. This can also help boost a person’s self-confidence.

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