Family Dentist in Lafayette LA: How to Maintain Children’s Dental Hygiene

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Dentist

Most children are incapable of maintaining dental hygiene without follow up. Parents with children of between the age of 2-15 years experience a hard time with their children as regard to oral hygiene. At that age bracket, children get cavities and tooth decays. However, with a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene, tooth decays in children can be prevented. For proper intake of healthy food, the children’s teeth should be in good condition. A Family Dentist in Lafayette LA advises parents to ensure that the following is done to make sure proper oral hygiene in children.

Start with the First Teeth

Some parents think it is not necessary to observe dental care on their children’s first teeth. You are advised to take good care of them by brushing them with a soft brush and warm water. Once the toddler is big enough to spit toothpaste, then you can start using one. You can also visit your dentist once the first set of teeth start coming out so that he can examine them and advise you on the best oral care.

Give them Healthy Foods

Tooth decays are caused by a cavity causing bacteria that feeds on sugary stuffs draining teeth of the necessary calcium and phosphate. Discourage intake of sugary foods and instead, feed your kids a healthy diet. Vegetables, especially those not cooked, have been proven to be the best because they also help to get rid of any plaque buildup on the teeth.

Check the teeth on a regular basis

You are also advised to regularly check your child’s teeth. Once a month is what is required by the dentists. If you happen to notice any dark spots you immediately report them to your dentist. If not immediately taken care of, the teeth might totally decay. There are other ways in which you can prevent decay like the use of sealants. They are plastic coatings that shield the permanent teeth of your child from decaying.

Cavities are very painful and can cause chronic pain to children. It would be difficult for them to concentrate on their studies and therefore hard for them to efficiently reach their goals.

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