How Dental Technology in Ridgewood, NJ Helps You Maintain Your Smile

Most industries have experienced advances in technology, including the dental health field. With the latest technologies, your dentist has more tools and resources to detect and treat issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Digital Radiography Provides Instant Images

Dental x-rays give dentists a better view of your teeth and gums. Using the x-ray, dentists can detect issues such as cavities, impacted teeth, tooth decay, and bone loss. The standard radiograph produces low levels of radiation. While this radiation is harmless to most patients, dental technology in Ridgewood, NJ provides an alternative.

Digital radiography reduces exposure to radiation by 80% to 90% compared to traditional radiography. Along with less radiation, digital x-rays produce images instantly. Your dentist does not need to wait for the x-ray as the image is captured and stored on a computer as a digital image.

Laser Dentistry for Minimally Invasive Procedures

Dentists are also using the latest dental technology to offer more comfortable procedures. This includes the Picasso dental diode soft tissue laser system. Designed for various dental procedures, the laser allows dentists to perform procedures in a way that is less invasive and painful than traditional techniques.

Advanced Systems Help Detect Cavities Early

Another example of the advances in dental technology is the use of a cavity detection system. A high-tech laser offers the most accurate way to detect cavities early with over 90% accuracy. This is a pain-free procedure that gives dentists a way to view the signs of early decay and provide treatment to prevent further dental issues.

Visit website to learn more about these dental technologies and their uses. Using the latest technologies, dentists are better equipped to address your oral health and provide the best treatment.

Modern technologies help dentists detect issues early and provide them with additional tools to monitor the health of your teeth and gums. The use of digital radiography and other technologies may help you maintain a beautiful smile.

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