A Dental Implant In Rosemount MN Will Look Like Your Natural Tooth

Missing a tooth or several teeth can affect the entire facial area and someone’s self-esteem. The teeth will shift in the jawbone and cause pain, headaches, and difficulty properly chewing food. It can cause the face to appear sunken because the teeth help to support the facial structures. Teeth can be missing for a variety of reasons including disease, sports injuries, automobile accidents, medication or disease. Gum disease is one of the many causes of missing teeth and can be prevented with regular dental cleanings and early intervention. A Dental Implant in Rosemount MN offers a permanent solution to a very serious problem.

A Dental Implant in Rosemount MN can remove the embarrassment someone may have because of the missing teeth. It is a terrific option to restore a beautiful smile and self-esteem. Nothing can take the place of the original teeth, but a dental implant does offer a permanent solution that will look and feel like a natural tooth. It’s one of the best options to restore a smile. It can improve a patient’s oral health, appearance, speech and comfort that a bridge or set of dentures won’t offer.

Dental implants usually take two to three visits. A dentist will have to perform a thorough examination. The jawbone must be sturdy enough for the insertion of a titanium post. A small incision will be placed in the gum where the missing tooth is. The dentist will drill a small hole into the jawbone and insert the titanium post. A temporary crown may be put on the post while healing occurs over the next three to four weeks. When the gums have healed, the patient will return to the dental office to have the permanent crown installed on the post. This tooth will be identical in color and shape of the other teeth in the mouth. It can be brushed, flossed, cleaned and used the same as a natural tooth would.

Dakota Dental & Implant Center has experience in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, general dentistry and almost anything you need to improve the health and appearance of your smile.

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