Dangers of Poor Oral Hygiene in Seniors

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Dentist

It’s easy to ignore your oral health as you age, especially if you’ve lost your teeth and wear dentures. However, dental care is important for many different reasons. Seniors should make an annual appointment for an examination and consultation with their dentist in Broomfield. Here are a few of the reasons that dental care matters to your health.

Chronic Disease

Untreated gum disease exacerbates type 2 diabetes. Periodontitis makes it difficult for your body to use insulin. Type 2 diabetes is an indicator for gum disease. The chronic infection of gum disease can just make you feel under-the-weather too. This makes it even harder to control your health when you deal with any chronic disease. Gum disease has also been connected to heart disease and an increased risk of stroke in older adults. Some studies show that men with periodontitis have a higher risk of kidney cancer, blood cancer, and pancreatic cancer. Make your dentist in Broomfield one of the healthcare providers that keeps you healthy.

A Dry Mouth Leads to Poor Health

Saliva is one of the products your body makes to keep you healthy. It prevents tooth decay and infections. Older adults tend to experience dry mouth at a higher rate than others. This is due to many different reasons, including medications that list dry mouth as a side effect and diseases which slow down production of saliva. Your dentist in Broomfield can help find solutions for dry mouth to help your mouth stay healthy.

Love Your Smile

Today’s dentistry methods are much different than those of the past. Your dentist in Broomfield can give you a beautiful smile much easier with today’s technology and treatment. Healthy white teeth are more than just looks. Your healthy smile is good for your self-esteem and self-confidence. You will be able to eat healthier when you have the teeth that let you chew food more effectively. Chronic dental pain increases stress.

There’s no reason to live with poor oral hygiene. Talk to your dentist in Broomfield to get the treatment you need. Take care of yourself with a healthcare team that wants to improve your oral health. No matter what condition your teeth are in, a dentist can help you maintain what you have to take care of your body.

A dentist in Broomfield can help seniors avoid many of the complications that come with getting older. Stay healthier when you make your dentist in Broomfield part of your healthcare team. For more information visit Green Dental.

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