Create a Beautiful Smile at a Dental Clinic in Edmonton

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Dentist

The teeth in a person’s head are incredibly useful tools for proper health and a better eating capability. When given proper care, routine cleaning and annual visits to a Dental Clinic in Edmonton, those same teeth should last a lifetime. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t care for their teeth properly and end up needing treatment to repair or remove the damaged tooth. Part of the problem is the limited amount of time that people allow for the cleaning process. Simply applying a brush and paste to the teeth isn’t enough to remove the plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to caries (cavities).

Cavities are one of the main reasons that people see a dentist. This particular problem has many layers because a tooth can decay in irregular patterns. If the cavity is in a molar, then the dentist will try their best to save the tooth. In certain instances, the tooth may only leave a shell because the decay has gone too deep. This will usually mean that the Pediatric Dental Clinic Beaverton OR will need to remove the root pulp, a process known as a root canal. This area of the tooth is where the nerve and blood supply are found. It is also a common source of infection from a cavity. An infection in the gum or tooth can lead to some serious health issues such as blood poisoning or heart problems. To avoid any complications, the dentist will usually prescribe an antibiotic regimen for about ten days.

Another common reason to seek out a dental office is cosmetic procedures. These are processesed that are primarily designed to make the teeth look better or to improve the way the patient feels about their smile. The simplest cosmetic procedure is dental whitening. This process is used to remove deep-set stains and whiten the visible portions of the teeth. For problems where whitening won’t work or to hide certain concerns such as misshapen teeth or misaligned teeth, the dentist may suggest a veneer. Veneers are a thin shell that is custom created to cover the front or visible teeth. A curious person can click here to get additional info.

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