Common Types Of Dental Services In Lumberton, TX

Dentists provide a wide variety of services so their patients will have healthy teeth and gums. For patients who wish to have dental work to help enhance their appearance, a dentist can perform various cosmetic dental procedures. Below, you’ll learn about some of the most common Dental Services in Lumberton TX, that are provided by an experienced dentist.


When decay creates a hole in the tooth, it becomes painful, and it will get bigger if the dentist doesn’t place a filling in the tooth. A dentist can place a silver filling made out of amalgam in the tooth or use composite resin, which is the same color as a tooth. Other less common and more expensive options for tooth fillings are ceramic and gold.

Root Planing

Dentists perform a root planing procedure on patients who have moderate gum disease. During the procedure, a dentist removes the plaque that is between the gums and the roots of the teeth. If the plaque isn’t removed, the gums will become irritated, sore, and they may bleed. Gum disease that isn’t treated will advance into periodontal disease, and this eventually causes the teeth to become loose.


Patients who are embarrassed about a chipped or broken tooth can have a dental crown placed over the unattractive tooth. A crown looks just like a natural tooth, and a dentist cements the crown over the damaged tooth. In addition to improving the appearance of a tooth, a crown also strengthens a tooth and protects it from decay. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials including porcelain, resin, and ceramic.


A dental implant is surgically placed into the jawbone to fill in a gap that’s caused by a missing tooth. After the placement of the implant, a patient must wait for the jawbone to attach to the implant, which can take several months. The next step is to place a post on top of the implant and then, Finally, a crown is attached to the post. By taking advantage of the various Dental Services in Lumberton TX, provided by a professional dentist, patients can have beautiful and healthy teeth.

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