Comfortable Smiles from the Orthodontist in Richmond VA

Having healthy teeth isn’t all about having a pretty white smile. A lot of people make this assumption about their teeth. Who can blame them with all of the tooth whitening toothpaste ads on television these days? A set of healthy teeth is important for a lot of other reasons as well. Take for example having a higher standard of living. Healthy teeth that are taken care of will last longer. Build up and decay can cause a lot of problems for teeth. So can the alignment of one’s teeth. Unfortunately bones and teeth do not always grow in a way that give them enough room to set properly. This can lead to infections or pressure as teeth push together causing them to fracture or break. There is an orthodontist in Richmond VA who understands just how complicated teeth can be.

Orthodontics is a specialized dental field that focuses on the treatment of facial and dental irregularities. People can live their entire lives with painful dental irregularities that go untreated. They no longer have to, though. With the help of a skilled orthodontist adults and children alike can get the treatment that they need to live a healthier, more comfortable life. Other benefits include improved general dental health, and a beautiful smile.

To get the proper treatment from an orthodontist in Richmond VA it is important to understand a little about the procedures. Orthodontic treatments take on average between six and thirty months to complete. It is no small commitment to restructure the shape of the jaw to create room for the teeth. That is why orthodontists agree that it is important for patients to openly communicate with them to coordinate and care for their teeth properly. Such a long process requires dedication and participation from both parties to help the patient reach their goals.

Getting more information on how orthodontics could help improve the health of one’s teeth is as easy as making an appointment to see an orthodontist. Before beginning any treatment the orthodontist will need to take pictures, x-rays, and dental impressions to help determine the best course of action. Don’t live in discomfort when one’s teeth can be saved.

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