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Choose Cosmetic Dentistry and Enjoy Your New Smile

You can have a natural, beautiful smile, even if your teeth have become less than beautiful through the years. In fact, you can not only improve your appearance, but you may also gain new confidence with cosmetic dentistry from an experienced and skilled professional. If you think this isn’t so important, consider the fact that an individual smiles dozens of times every day.

Start Now

You may want to begin by getting in touch with one of the leading providers of quality dental services and scheduling a complimentary cosmetic consultation. Your dental professional will evaluate your smile, discuss changes you may have in mind, and answer your questions. This consultation can include photos for diagnosis, smile evaluation, discussion of treatment options, and before-and-after images of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

A makeover for your smile doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or lengthy procedure, since it depends on what the dentist discovers during the consultation. You may need teeth whitening, in-house and at-home treatment. Treatment involves removal of the toughest stains that off-the-shelf products can’t touch. The process is exclusive to dental professionals.

Other Options

When you talk with your dentist, you may also consider porcelain veneers that are placed over the tooth to correct flaws, or porcelain crowns that cover broken, chipped, discolored teeth. You may also have the option to have your dentist use chairside veneers, which can be completed in one sitting. Other procedures under the cosmetic dentistry banner are dental implants, bridges, and Invisalign clear teeth straightening.

Whatever the specific procedure used, you can be sure your dentist will develop a personalized treatment plan for your smile makeover. Some results can be achieved in as few as two visits, but no procedures will be started until the dental professional fully understands your wishes for a new smile. Start your journey toward a new smile today at New Age Dental Care, 636.449.0215, You can follow them on Twitter for latest update!

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