Choose a Dental Bridge in Jackson, MI, for Tooth Replacement, Needs

Teeth are an important part of people’s lives, and they should be taken care of to ensure that they last and remain healthy. Sometimes, however, accidents, oral diseases, or decay can lead to situations where someone loses one or more of their teeth. Missing teeth can create issues that lower a person’s quality of life. There are several options available from dentists to restore and replace missing teeth, but dental bridges have long been one of the most popular choices. Anyone concerned about a missing tooth should speak with their dentist to see if a Dental Bridge in Jackson MI, is a good choice for their situation.

Dental bridges create long-lasting solutions for missing teeth. Generally, a dental bridge will last for around ten years, but some people’s bridges last for longer. To create a dental bridge, a dentist will use teeth on either side of the missing one as anchors. These teeth will be shaved down slightly to allow for crowns to fit over them. When the bridge is made, a false tooth will be adhered between the two crowns. This means that when the crowns are slipped over the anchor teeth, they will hold the replacement tooth in place between them. This creates an authentic looking tooth and helps resolve the issues that can come from missing a tooth.

Missing teeth can make it hard for people to eat solid foods easily or to speak properly. People who are missing teeth often also experience issues with their self-esteem or embarrassment over their situation. They may feel uncomfortable trying to eat around other people, or they may avoid social settings due to their speech issues. Receiving a dental bridge is a great way for people to regain their quality of life and enjoy a fully functioning set of teeth again. Click here to find out more about how bridges can help restore people’s lives.

People who are missing a tooth in their mouth should strongly consider speaking with their dentist about getting a Dental Bridge in Jackson MI. Bridges help restore people’s smile and make it easier for them to speak and eat correctly. Bridges use surrounding teeth to hold the replacement tooth in place, and they make a realistic looking solution.

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