Caring For Your Children’s Teeth

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Dentist

In recent studies on the prevalence of tooth decay in youngsters that were carried out by the Center for Disease Control, the results were not promising. They found that at least 25 percent of pre-school children had evidence of tooth decay and it was worse with pre-teens; a full 50 percent of these youngsters have cavities. The same study showed that the numbers are worse amongst low income families.

What the cause?

No parent wants their children to get a cavity, not only do they hate to see their children in pain but they also don’t want an expense that can be avoided. Although parents don’t want their children to have dental problems, they have no one to blame but themselves; they are the ones that allow their children to get into certain habits that promote tooth decay, such as:

   * Drinking to many beverages that are laced with sweeteners
   * Drinking sweetened drinks after they have cleaned their teeth before heading to bed
   * Eating too much “junk food”
   * Eating far too much candy, especially gummy candy that gets between their teeth and is difficult to remove

The major contributor to early dental problems is not getting into the habit of brushing twice a day; this should start when the child cuts its very first tooth. Another major contributor to childhood dental problems is not taking them to see Amanda Wiechert, a pediatric dentist in Yorktown Heights, NY.

Children need constant encouragement:

You know that children will not care for their teeth without constant prompting. As a parent, you really have to put your foot down and insist that your kids brush twice a day whether they like it or not. At first it may be wise to let your child brush their teeth alongside you, this gives you a chance to praise them as well as “topping up” if they didn’t quite get it right.

Even with all the encouragement in the world, teeth do decay. As part of your child’s dental care, make sure they see Amanda Wiechert twice a year. The dentist can spot trouble before it becomes major and she can give you instructions on how to look after your child’s teeth and gums right from the start.

Amanda Wiechert at Northeast Dental provides every member of your family with the very best in dental care. To ensure everyone in your family has excellent oral health you are invited to make an appointment with Northeast Dental, PLLC.

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