Benefits of Having Teeth Whitening at an Office of Family Dentistry in Wichita KS

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Dentist

One of the main things many people go to see their dentist about can be for teeth whitening treatments. Today many people are extremely conscious of how they look. Making sure their teeth are as white and bright as possible can be a huge benefit in this. Because of this, visiting an office of family dentistry Wichita KS is something many people do on a regular basis.

Many people may feel their teeth are not as bright as they should be because of their consumption of certain types of food or drinks. This is generally the case with people who drink a lot of coffee, tea and/or wine. These types of drinks can often leave teeth with discolorations or stains, which regular teeth brushing will not remove. To handle this type of issue, it is generally necessary to see a dental professional.

Generally, one of the first steps most professionals at an office of family dentistry Wichita KS will take is to clean the patient’s teeth. This can help in removing plaque and/or tartar buildup, which can interfere with the whitening process.

After the teeth are cleaned, the dentist will most likely begin coating the patient’s teeth with a professional strength whitening agent. In some cases, the dentist may fill a custom made dental tray or mouth guard with the whitening agent. This is then applied to the teeth and left to sit for a period of time. A dentist may also use a laser lamp or other types of equipment to further enhance and speed the whitening process.

Once the whitening substance becomes activated, it will begin to move into the pores of the patient’s teeth. It can then begin work at breaking up and destroying areas of discoloration or stains. When these elements are removed from the teeth, more light can come into the teeth and this makes them look lighter and brighter as well. While a patient should be able to see some results after one treatment, most people require a number of treatments to obtain the best results.

For people who want their teeth to look their best, teeth whitening treatments can be a good choice. By having teeth, which are white and bright not only will a patient’s teeth look their best, but also it will improve a person’s overall appearance as well. This can be a great benefit.

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