Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implant in Eagan, MN?

The placement of dental implants are to restore one or more missing teeth, making it undoubtedly the best treatment option in dentistry today. A dental implant in Eagan, MN provides natural aesthetics that is often difficult to distinguish from natural teeth. It helps the patient retain chewing function, providing security and comfort. But to achieve a natural, aesthetic look, without overwhelming the teeth, it takes great experience, teamwork, technical planning and a correct diagnosis, as well as the most advanced materials in dentistry.

This way dentists can achieve excellent results even in more difficult cases where there is a lack of bone or there is high aesthetic demands. There are times where the patient is looking not only to have teeth fixed in order to eat, but rather to make the smile whole again.

Dental implants – before and after

Teams with the most advanced techniques and experience will ensure successful results even in the most adverse situations. Schedule a consult and discover some of the clinical cases in which dentists have restored smiles to people just like you.

Fixed teeth – immediate load

The traditional technique, which means after implant placement there is a period of three to six months wait time, where you will be toothless still. This is to allow osseointegration to take place. Due to the enormous technological advances of recent years, dentists are able to reduce this time to a few hours, with the same success rate (98%). The patient can now enjoy fixed teeth from day one.

How much does a dental implant cost?

With implant treatment, these can be considered with greater predictability and greater durability in the field of dentistry. Accordingly, and in the case of a treatment with such high reliability, the associated costs are perfectly justifiable because of the lifetime warranty of the implants. A dental implant in Eagan, MN usually lasts over 20 years. With the right care, it could last 30 or more.

Dental implant maintenance

Dental implant maintenance ensures total long-term success of treatment and it is essential for you to undergo periodical inspection. The connective tissue that supports the peri-implant tissues must be looked at every so often to ensure they are stable enough to hold the implant. Even though rejection is very unlikely, it can happen. For more information contact the Dakota Dental and Implant Center.

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