The Advantages of Using an Orthodontist in Lusby, MD Versus a General Dentist

It is natural for people to want to have a perfect smile like they see advertised by celebrities on television or in magazines. However, a lot of work may have to go in ensuring this want becomes a reality. Some people think it is okay just to go to a general dentist rather than an orthodontist. An Orthodontist in Lusby MD shows patients why it is better to get an orthodontist for certain kinds of treatment.

What Does the Orthodontist Do Differently?

Unlike a general dentist, an orthodontist has advanced years of training to deal with the specialties of the teeth, such as straightening them. The orthodontist is known for providing patients with braces or the popular clear aligners that are used to correct the teeth. This is important to know so that the patient will not end up at the wrong type of dentist.

Other Things the Orthodontist Does

An orthodontist may also treat the patient with issues that may lead to periodontal disease, which is essential for preventing further problems with the gums. The orthodontist will also correct overbites and align the jaws, which would otherwise cause pain when trying to chew or talk. These are skills that should be checked out before choosing a dentist who will provide orthodontic care.

The Issue of Moving Teeth

Patients may want to know that the teeth are comprised of two parts: the crown and the root. There is a seal around each tooth and the gum tissue, and the tooth is connected by way of what is known as periodontal ligament. When this ligament is compressed on one side of the tooth and has tension on the other side, this could cause the teeth to shift.

A Dentist Who Provides Orthodontic Treatment

The dental office of Louis B. Sachs, D.D.S. has been providing dental solutions for patients in the Lusby, Maryland area for more than 26 years. In addition to orthodontic treatment, patients can be assured of also being provided with preventive dentistry and the treatment of periodontal diseases. If there are any possible patients looking for an orthodontist in Lusby MD, the dental office is available. Visit the website at

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