Actions to Take Prior to Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Island Heights

A dental trauma is an injury to a person’s teeth or soft tissues of the mouth that can lead to serious consequences. Dental trauma can be painful and permanently harmful to your body. To lessen the effect of dental trauma and minimize pain, it’s important to see an Emergency Dentist in Island Heights promptly after being injured. Not ever General Dentist practices emergency dentistry, so it’s advisable to find an emergency dentist before an actual trauma occurs. Until you can see this professional, learn what to do at home.

If you have a painful toothache, fully rinse your mouth out with warm water. Using cold water can be uncomfortable. Swishing the water carefully around your mouth will help dislodge any food particles. Also, gently floss on either side of the injured tooth. Try not to move press the dental floss against the injured tooth while your’re moving the floss to prevent irritation. Don’t put an aspirin against injured soft tissues of the mouth. This can burn the gum tissue. Hold a cold compress against the outside of your mouth next to the injured tooth. For moderate to severe pain, take over-the-counter pain medications such as acetaminophen.

When you have a broken tooth, save any chipped parts. Rinse your mouth and the tooth pieces with warm water. Wrap this tooth material in a small towel for protection. Place a piece of gauze to the injured part of the mouth if you are bleeding. After ten minutes, take the gauze out. If your fragmented tooth has a jagged edge poking into the soft tissues of the mouth, apply another piece of gauze to separate the tooth’s jagged edge from the soft tissue. An emergency dentist at Shore Family Dental Assoc in Island Heights can take out the gauze when you visit him. Use a cold compress and over-the-counter pain medication for pain relief.

To two main purposes of seeing an Emergency Dentist in Island Heights are for minimizing pain and minimizing damage. Using the above-mentioned suggestions can help ease pain and stop the progression of damage until an emergency dentist can find a remedy for your injury.



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