A Teeth Whitening Dentist in Toronto Can Enhance Your Appearance

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, most people, when asked about improving their smile, stated that they wished their teeth were whiter. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of the people who are seeking a teeth whitening dentist in Toronto want to know more about their options.

If you are among the contingent of people looking for a teeth whitening dentist, you may wonder how your teeth have lost their luster or former whiteness. Teeth can dull or become discolored for one of several reasons, including the formation of stains from food, drink or tobacco or the wear that occurs as one ages. Trauma and certain medicines can also cause the teeth to dull.

Food and Drink and the Use of Tobacco

Coffee, red wine and tea are three of the main reasons that teeth develop stains. Chromogens, which are intense color pigments, attach to the outer part of the tooth, or the enamel. The tar and nicotine in cigarettes can also stain teeth. While tar is naturally dark, nicotine is colorless until it mixes with oxygen. When it combines with the air, it yellows the surface of teeth.
The Aging Process

Age, as stated, can also impact tooth enamel. With the progression of time, the enamel thins, revealing the softer layer of the tooth, known as dentin. This dentin tends to be yellowish, which also affects one’s smile. As a result, many older people are interested in the services provided by a teeth whitening dentist Toronto.


Trauma or an injury to the mouth may cause a tooth to also reveal more dentin, which results in yellowing or discoloration.


Some tooth discoloring can also appear from taking various medicines. These medicines may include high blood pressure medications or antibiotics, such as doxycycline or tetracycline. Chemotherapy can also discolor or darken the teeth.

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