4 Reasons to Seek Cosmetic Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN

Every six months, patients make appointments with their dentists to check the overall health of their teeth. It is common knowledge what a dentist can do, but patients are confused or not aware of what a cosmetic dentist can do. Many patients assume that anything that has to do with cosmetic is purely for looks, but there is so much more that Cosmetic Dentistry in Indianapolis IN can do for patients. Here are four situations that a cosmetic dentist would the best choice for.

Teeth Whitening

More and more people are trying teeth whitening kits at home and finding the kits don’t work and ruined their teeth. The materials used in those kits can cause staining and even make the teeth more sensitive to heat and cold. What started out as a quick fix for whiter teeth could easily turn into an extensive visit to a cosmetic dentist to remove the stains, but there is not much they can do for the increased sensitivity.

Unflattering Smiles

Since a person’s smile is often the first thing people notice, having an unflattering smile can create a lot of anxiety and shyness in a person. A cosmetic dentist will have the expertise to straighten teeth without the bulky metal braces. It can be done with clear braces that will be virtually unnoticeable and give someone the confidence they didn’t have before.

Better Nutrition

Not only can crooked teeth be unflattering, but they can also cause issues with chewing food. If the teeth are not in alignment, properly chewing food can be uncomfortable and, if food is not chewed, it could lead to malnourishment and other gastrointestinal issues. By making sure the teeth are properly aligned, the body can absorb the right nutrients and vitamins from the food.

Tight Jaws

When the teeth are not aligned, it can also create more pressure and tightness in the jaw. Prolonged tightness in the jaw can affect the neck muscles and, eventually, the shoulder muscles. It can also cause tension headaches and migraines.

Gone are days when seeking cosmetic dentistry in Indianapolis IN was for the sole reason of looking good. Please contact us if any of the mentioned symptoms or situations come up.

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